You Win Some, You Lose Some – But At Least the Girls Won

Yesterday was a fairly busy day as we went into Gottingen and filmed some pieces for social media and also shots of the town for the documentary. We also took some photos of the car and us in our T-shirts very kindly supplied by Nike, so that our sponsors can use these in promotional material of their own.

Once back at the hotel it was a quick change and then meet in the lobby, as Camera one and two were travelling on the bus with the team to the game against Mexico. I followed behind in the car.

We went a very long way to the stadium which was good in terms of footage but it was hard keeping up with the convey of Police and the coach, but great to speed through red lights with them. Not sure if I was meant to but I was part of the convoy so I did anyway.

The game was a good one for us personally, as after going two goals down the Matildas stormed back to win 3-2, with Kyah scoring the winner. Camera two, who was by the goal, captured the footage of her header striking the post and the follow up to score.

Lydia played the entire 90 minutes in goal, and as a paid up member of the goalkeeper’s union I have to say she saved the Matildas. She made eight top class saves in the game according to my notes, and although Melissa Barbieri is the captain of the side, one feels that Lydia will get game time at this World Cup. It is a decision we do not envy the coach having to make. However it is great for Australia that they have two such talented keepers vying for one spot.

The game as a whole was not the best display we have seen. The girls gave up possession cheaply and in some areas of the park were slow to close down their opponents. It has certainly given the coaching staff some work to do before the opening game.

Again on a personal note I was annoyed, I wrote a match report for Green and Gold army, and had Lauren Colthorpe down as scoring the first goal, but was then told that Tameka Butt had scored the opening goal. This was a reliable source, I thought, so I changed my report, only to find out that I was correct. I guess you live and learn! Sorry Lauren!

One thrill was meeting Andre Krueger at the game. Andre was a fourteen-year-old boy during the 1974 World cup in Germany when Australia graced the finals for the first time, and he adopted them as his team. He has followed them ever since and was inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2006. What a lovely man he is and I was happy to recognize him as soon as he came and stood next to me.


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