Winning against England – oh so sweet

I was well pleased when the Matildas beat England the other day in Wolfsburg at a closed door friendly match. You can read Ashley’s post on the game here because this blog post is not about what happened on the pitch but rather what happened off the pitch.

I’ll set the scene. Our crew of three all live in the southern hemisphere – Australia and South Africa. We are not conditioned for the icy cold wind that blew through the stadium that day in Wolfsburg. Despite these cool conditions we set to work and started shooting background scenes and scouting out the location. The Matildas came out to warm up and we followed them with our cameras, then the English team arrived and before we could swing our cameras to their end of the pitch one of their support crew was spotted walking out with a tray full of tea cups all full of hot tea. We looked on longingly but kept on with the filming. Not long after the whistle for the first half had blown did we again see the same England support crew member walk past with yet another tray full of hot tea. There had to be at least 15 cups on her tray.

As the second camera and general gopher I declared that I would down camera during half time and set off to find out how we too could get some tea. By this time we also had company by way of Viktor and Olly from SBS (a television network in Australia). Olly had a bad bout of laryngitis and Vitor was feeling the cold so I set off to make us all cups of hot tea only to find in the kitchen this….

No normal teabags left! Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Camomile tea is great if you want to go to sleep, which we aren’t meant to do on the job. Peppermint tea I believe is great if you’ve eaten too much or are feeling nauseous. We’d not had lunch and we’re not pregnant so we were neither bloated nor queasy.  I couldn’t tell what other herbal teas there were because they were in German and as botany is not my strong point I couldn’t recognise the other herbal teas (anyone know what FixKrauter tea is for – maybe one drinks this tea if you’re feeling grumpy?).

Now, if there is one thing you don’t do as the gopher is to go back to your team without a result of some sort. So, I  settled on making one green tea and two other vanilla flavoured teas (which tasted like watery custard) which was not what was requested but at least it was something warm to wrap our frozen fingers around.

Some would say that “you-snooze-you-lose” as I did on the teabags but all I have to say is “Go you good thing” to the Matildas. Your win was my revenge on the English for drinking all the tea.


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3 Responses to Winning against England – oh so sweet

  1. Linus June 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Love the ‘report’!
    The English think that “a nice cup of tea” is the cure for all “crises” – clearly, on this occasion it may not have worked!

    • Ashley June 29, 2011 at 5:19 am #

      England drew against Mexico who are ranked 28th – think they must have run out of tea…


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