Training Proved Hard Work – For Us.

Today was a really early start, up at 2am, checked out of the hotel and at 2.20am caught a taxi from our hotel to Dusseldorf’s main train station. Sadly as we walked into the station one of the handles on our pack lunches broke and the bottle of orange juice smashed and our light meal was ruined.

We climbed aboard the train with our entire luggage and waited to pass through Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz before arriving at Frankfurt airport at 4.41am.

In Cologne we sat at the station for what seemed ages, so we asked if this was the train that went to Frankfurt airport, the guard told us it was. It was only when we drew into Bonn that we realized we were never going to make it to the airport in time. The same guard advised us that we were due in at 6.45am, and that we should have changed at Cologne for the earlier arrival!

The Matildas’ were due to arrive at 6.05am, so we were extremely dejected that we were going to miss their arrival, especially after the huge effort to get up so early. Then our phone rang, it was Roy Watson from Frankfurt airport on the line to tell us that the Qantas flight with the team on was delayed and was due in at 6.45!

We kept in touch with Roy as we approached Frankfurt, and when the train pulled into the station he was on the platform to meet us, and then rushed us upstairs, into his van, and around to the arrivals area.

Chris had just set up his camera as the girls started to come through the gate, it could not have been better timing. They looked remarkably fresh after such a long trip.

We then watched them pack all of their own bags on the bus, climb aboard and start their drive to Gottingen. Roy then put us back in his van and drove us back to the train station so we could catch the train to Gottingen.

We had expected to be there before the team, but as we pulled around the corner to the hotel, we saw the bus and the girls being surrounded by local children waving Australian flags. We could not believe that they beat us, but then we discovered they had received a Police escort all the way from Frankfurt!

We had to wait for our room to be ready, but while we waited our car was delivered with all the logos of our sponsors emblazoned on the side; Janssen + Maluga Legal, Barrick Gold, Geodrill, Lucozade, Perth Mint, and Carbon Footie.

After settling in we drove into Gottingen and found it to be a really quaint town, with a beautiful country town feel about it. As evening drew in more and more people appeared to eat out alfresco-style and enjoy the many bars, it made it a wonderful place to be.

We ended up at Zum Szultenburger restaurant, where Quie-ying and I enjoyed various forms of Schnitzel, Chris the Hunters Plate, which was a plate full of different meats. The food was outstanding, and this place will be re-visited of that there can be no doubt.

We then returned to the hotel, had a few drinks and played “Pass The Pigs” before retiring to bed.

We start filming in earnest tomorrow.



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2 Responses to Training Proved Hard Work – For Us.

  1. Aubrey June 23, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Seems like the team is busy but having fun Ashley. Gottingen, looks to be almost the exact geographic centre of Germany and a great place. LOL at the “Hunters Plate, which was a plate full of different meats”! Further south in Bavaria that is a typical meal. A plate of various meats with 3 side dishes of … meat. At one restaurant there under the heading of “vegetarian” dishes on the menu were listed a dozen types of sausage! Either Bavarians don’t do vegetarian, or there is no meat in their sausages! Of course after a few steins of bier who notices.

  2. Tommy June 21, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    Chris, it sounds really exciting. Sure all the effort will pay off

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