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Friday night saw the Matildas take on a select team from the Gottingen area, and after some worrying moments in the first 15 minutes when there were a few ‘naughty’ challenges the girls strolled to a 6-1 victory.  Mexico played the same team on Saturday and managed a 4-0 win. Australia plays Mexico tonight and it is expected that Australia should triumph, as in eight meetings the Matildas have defeated El Tricolor seven times and lost just once since 2003.

From our perspective the Gottingen game was great in terms of filming atmosphere and how much the locals have warmed to the Matildas. What was disappointing was the fact that Kyah sat out the game as she had some tightness in her calf muscle. It made perfect sense for her to sit out this game in the hope that she will be fit for the World Cup opener.

We have filmed more training and interviews with the two girls as well as Servet Uzunlar. Hope to have a few more interviews lined up after the Mexico game. It is a fine balance between being intrusive in what the girls are trying to achieve and also giving them space, we are very wary of not being too visible, and respecting their space.

Outside of filming following the Gottingen game we turned in the opposite direction to town and went into Rosdorf for dinner. There was not much to see to be honest. We ate at the Balkan Grill, which had a very nice old façade, but a very out of place modern interior. The food was very nice, but even other diners asked why we were in Rosdorf and told us it was very sleepy; I would say dormant. Chris did try and liven things up by throwing his paper napkin on top of the candle. Luckily I was aware as the flames started to rise!

After the interviews on Saturday we hoped into our Maluga and Janssen sponsored Mercedes and headed fro Herzberg. We missed the turnover on the autobahn, and ended up in Northeim, we did finally make our way to Herzberg, and visited a beautiful old castle. The town itself reminded me of the town in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, when the child catcher comes out. It was eerily quiet, with no children, dogs or cats just a few old adults sitting around supping coffee.

We then drove out of town to find the Unicorn Cave (Einhornhöhle) this was first mentioned way back in 1541, but sadly by the time we got there even though it said it closed at 5pm, and we were there before then, it was all locked up.

In the evening we went to the Boxing in town. It was an amateur card and after accepting tickets from a young guy outside for half price almost did not get in, as this caused quite a stir. Once the tickets were returned and we paid full price all was fine.

There definitely seemed to be a bias towards the Gottingen boxers with one fight being stopped early and the visiting boxer storming out oft he ring. Another bout was declared a draw when the visiting boxer had clearly won.

Yesterday was a visit to Hannover. We caught the train which took 27 minutes to travel 165kms, and as it was raining it was a wise decision. Sadly as it was a Sunday most of the shops were closed. At the Rathaus we saw a model of Hannover in 1939 and then in 1945, and the extensive damage caused by the bombings in World War Two were unbelievable. Virtually the whole town was destroyed. Now it is a mixture of old and new architecture, with some oft he 1950’s buildings looking very dated. It was well worth the trip.

A quick swim when we got back and Chris confirming his hippo status swimming with three lengths under water, and then it was time for bed. We have a busy day filming tomorrow, especially with the Mexico game in the evening.





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