The End is the Beginning

The end is in sight and within a week we hope that the documentary will be completed. Mind you it is so tempting to keep tinkering with a scene here and a scene there but you have to at some point accept that there must be no more changes.

We are still waiting on the FIFA game footage, which is a little frustrating. The DVD of our rough edit arrived with them on Tuesday of this week and we are now waiting for them to view it. The delay has meant we have had to postpone the launch which was going to coincide with the launch of the W-League in ten days time.

I am pleased to say that we have finally managed to film the opening sequence which was proving difficult. We had wanted to film Milbindi, which is the Aboriginal story telling where they draw in the sand. Thanks to the staff at the David Wirrpanda Foundation we managed to get in touch with Darryl Bellotti who very kindly came out and helped us. Darryl is very talented Aboriginal designer who has been commissioned by the Perth Mint to design a number of coins, including the Dreaming series. Most recently he has designed some for the 2014 World Cup.

We also went and filmed some wonderful didgeridoo’s which had been hand painted by Wendy Feifar-Nannup. These are truly wonderful, as she paints outback scenes from memory and amazingly upside down! Should anyone wish to purchase any of her wonderful pieces they can call Wendy on (08) 9399 5882.

It was in fact after Wendy’s great Grandfather that the South Western town of Nannup received its name, when the surveyor and explorer Fredrick Slade Drake-Brockman named the town after his trusty companion. The Brockman Highway actually takes you into Nannup.

The combination of this footage should be perfect for our introduction and we thank Wendy and Darryl for their time, knowledge and expertise.


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  1. Aubrey October 9, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    So just waiting for FIFA to approve the inclusion of official footage?
    So now that’s done and dusted what’s your next project Ashley?

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