Scooping the Awards at Southampton.

At the start of October “No Apologies” screened at the Southampton International Film Festival in England.

We were incredibly honoured to be nominated for two awards at the Festival and Camera 2, Quie-ying and Ashley attended the awards dinner with Ashley’s sister Phrynette and his dad. For those who did not know Ashley spent the first two years of his life in Southampton. Also joining us were Ashley’s godfather and his wife and good friend Doug Steward.

The first award at the dinner was for Best Editing in a Documentary and we were stunned when “No Apologies” was read out as the winner. Ashley stepped forward to collect the award and acknowledged Kyah and Lydia and their history-making achievements, and how remarkable it was two have two Aboriginals in the same national team when they make up just 2.5% of the national population. He also acknowledged the wonderful work done by editor Troy Lemmey and promised to hand the trophy over on his return to Australia.

There were a number of other great films acknowledged and the actors and hardworking people behind the scenes were rewarded with awards in other key categories.

Having won one award we definitely did not expect to receive the accolade of Best Documentary and were stunned when once again “No Apologies” name was read out. Ashley tried to convince Quie-ying to accept the award but she pushed him forward again. It is rare that you will find him lost for words, but he was close to it on this occasion. After thanking the Festival for bestowing such an honour on the film and everyone involved he asked to be forgiven for being self indulgent, and proceeded to tell the audience that his grandfather to whom he was very close, had been a Southampton fan, and with the awards being held at the clubs ground St Mary’s felt it only appropriate to dedicate the award to him, as he knew he would be proud and was sure he was looking down on the night.

Thank you once again to Southampton International Film Festival for the two awards, they were incredibly humbling, and so very special. Thank you once again to Kyah and Lydia for letting us tell their story, and we share these awards with everyone who worked on the film.

Now onto the next project…

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