So why this story?

Snow white and the seven dwarves. Hansel and Gretel. Wikileaks.

Some stories are just meant to be told, and this is how we feel about this story.

Australia is a young country and much of her history is still being written. History may be in the making with two young Australian girls who are on their way to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany this year. These two girls are Aboriginal Australians and therein lies the significance. One is a striker, the other a goalkeeper. Their positions on the field just one of many opposites in their backgrounds and how they both came to be Matildas.

“No Apologies” is the name of this project. In 2008 Australia issued an official apology to its Aboriginal people, the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stood before parliament and delivered that long awaited word. This film acknowledges that apology and the healing that came with it; but this film is not about an apology. It is a celebration of the strength of the human spirit and will showcase the triumph and successes these two girls have achieved. “No Apologies” – required.

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