Our apologies

As we have stated the filming of “No Apologies” is a journey for us too, and we hope to learn a great deal along the way.

In fact we have learned something this week. Despite having spoken to both families, who in fact used the term themselves, we have been told that that in these times of political correctness, terms such as ‘full blood’ are now frowned upon. We would obviously like to apologise if we have in anyway offended anyone, that was never our intention.

We believe that the correct terminology is “that a an Aboriginal person is descended from Aborigines.” Other takes on the person’s heritage are “the person identifies as being Aboriginal” and “that the person is accepted as being Aboriginal by the community.”

Let us make it abundantly clear that both Lydia and Kyah are descended from Aborigines, identify as being aboriginal and are accepted as such by their community, and are rightly proud of that heritage.

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