Ouch. That hurt.

The Matildas 2011 World Cup ends here in Augsburg. Pronounced Owsburg (as in ouch by the way). Rather apt as watching the Australian women’s side lose because of basic errors was painful and heartbreaking but we think the future for the Matildas looks bright given their talent, skills and fearless attitude.

Our journey for No Apologies however is only halfway there. We’re going to speak to both Kyah and Lydia to reflect on this experience before they take a break and upon our return to Australia continue some filming in Kalgoorlie and in the East Coast.

If you have been following our blog during the World Cup then thank you. We will carry on blogging our project’s progress as well as announce when it will be aired on which network so we hope you check in every now and then or if you prefer find us on Facebook and Twitter.



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