One Out, All Out.

Sunday evening was a sad one for us one so many counts. The Matildas failed to play to the standards that they had set themselves against Sweden and as a result lost a game in which they should have been more competitive. Which in turn meant that our journey has almost come to an end as well.

It was great to hear that ESPN mentioned “No Apologies” in their coverage of the game, and we thank them for that as it suddenly drove people to this website and to be friends on Facebook.

After the game there were a lot of tears from the girls and it seemed harsh to have to talk to Lydia, Kyah and coach Tom Sermanni, but they were very gracious and gave us their time. In fact they invited us back to the hotel to join the squad and their families. Both families said they did not mind us filming, but it felt wrong to do so in such an environment, and was not really going to lend itself to the overall story, so we left the cameras in their cases.

After leaving the Dorint Hotel and ordering about 15 taxis the girls headed into Augsburg and to Murphy’s Lore, an Irish pub. We dropped off our gear at the hotel and then decided to walk to the pub, which the taxi driver told us was only about 500metres from the hotel. After being given duff instructions we ended up walking about a kilometre and a half in the wrong direction and ended up at Murdock’s Irish bar! They very kindly sent us to the right place.

It was an interesting evening talking to the girls about the tournament, and what they felt that they needed to do to improve in four years time. I am not sure if the FFA has a debriefing with some players but the information gleaned would certainly be worth listening to.

Yesterday morning it was a case of planning the exit strategy from Germany, that was after on last interview with Lydia. We then caught a lift to Munich and flew back to Dusseldorf, where our driver again did not show, despite having been booked; he claimed he was “too busy!”

We then adjourned to the Bistro at the end of the street and the barman with the best comic timing in English of any German I have met, who has in fact just finished university studying International Management. There we planned everyone’s tasks for today.

Downloading footage and backing it up, booking flights etcetera, were all delegated to members of our small team.

I am pleased to say that at this point in time all flights have been booked, although we must send a very sincere thank you to the staff at Emirates who managed to work miracles to get Chris on a flight back to Cape Town tomorrow.

Camera two and I leave on Thursday, but sadly she will not be accompanying me to England because of ridiculous bureaucratical blundering that has meant that she cannot get a visa in time; there will be some letters written on my return to Australia!

It has been a great journey, and we thank the families for their time and company. What was nice was that they said they felt that we had not been at all intrusive, which was always our aim.

Once back in Australia we have a few more scenes, and hopefully interviews to shoot and editing to start. Please keep following our journey, as we will continue to update you on the project.

From what we have so far I believe it will be a fascinating story.

Dinner with the Simons, Diana Williams and the Jahnsens

Dinner with the Simons, Diana Williams and the Jahnsens




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