Lucerne Here We Come!

“No Apologies” was pleased to receive notification in the past week that it has been selected for the Showcase screening at the Lucerne International Film Festival in Switzerland which will take place in October 2014.

This will be the sixth film Festival that has opted to screen “No Apologies” and the documentary has picked up six awards from four of those festivals and another at the Documentary and Short International Film Awards, where it won a Gold award for best Asia Pacific Documentary.

Our thanks go out once again to Lydia and Kyah and their families for letting us share their stories, and also all who helped us make the film, including sponsors, but in particular Troy Lemmey for his excellent editing.

WE are currently working on three potential projects, and busy trying o raise funds for each, one is a documentary on the first African boxing World Champion, who due to winning his title in Colonial times is listed in the record books as being French, we want to return him to Africa. The second is a film on the Indian influence on hockey in Australia and other Commonwealth countries, they have blossomed but India has stayed still. The third is on rugby and the fact that one rugby club has produced three players who went on to play for Ireland and also win the highest military honour the Victoria Cross, with the centenary of the First World War and the Rugby World Cup being held in England in 2015, we hope to screen this at this major event. That is if we can raise the funds in time.

If anyone is interested in coming on board with any of these projects please let us know, whether its helping with air fares accommodation we would love to hear from you.

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