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It’s pronounced owsburg – as in ouch

Augsburg is one of Europe’s oldest cities, founded by the Romans in 15 BC. It is also the next city for the Matildas who will play against Sweden in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup quarterfinals.

Our German journey started in Gottingen where the Matildas had a camp. Since then we have been based in Dusseldorf near the river Rhine in the charming suburb next to Aldstadt (Old Town) and from here we have travelled to Bochum, Monchengladbach and Leverkusen for all the Matildas’ games.

We were told by some devout North Rhine Westphalians (the region or State Dusseldorf and all the above cities are in) that we would need our passports when we check in tomorrow because Bavaria is a different place. The local alt beers in North Rhine Westphalia usually come in small glasses but in Bavaria I hear they come in the same size as our cameraman, Chris who is 6’4 and (ahem) 120kgs. So instead of quaffing several beers we may just be managing to finish one or two of Bavaria brew. Well, Chris may be able to sink a few more than me.

Tomorrow is going to be an early start as our flight to Munich is at 8.20am and our schedule has it that we will be filming pretty much once we get to Augsburg which is about an hour away by car. Thankfully the sun only sets completely around 10pm so we should be able to shoot most of the above attractions and more.



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  1. Linus July 8, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    Glad to see the Matildas are still waltzing!


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