Fine Tuning

We have gone through all the clips that we filmed from the very start of our journey with Kyah and Lydia and picked out the footage that we want to use, some of which will never make the final cut.

We have also started editing the interviews that we have conducted over the period that we started this project up until the end of the World Cup. It is now a case of working out the order of the clips that we wish to use that will enable us to tell the story of these two talented yet different individuals.

We are hoping to conduct one last interview with both of them, which was sadly not possible in Germany. It had been hoped that we would conduct this in Alice Springs as Lydia is heading there for an Indigenous workshop, but regrettably Kyah will not be back in time from her post tournament break to join her. As they will not both be there we have decided to abandon this trip to the centre of Australia. It is a great shame as it would have been the prefect end to the documentary, from Sydney and Perth to Germany and ending in Alice Springs, but it is no to be.

Now we are trying to arrange a trip to the Gold Coast to catch the two girls in their pre-Olympic qualifiers camp. We have also been looking at the possibility of coming back via Tamworth where the first Aboriginal to play football at the World Cup finals, Harry Williams now lives, but the flight schedules and costs are looking extremely prohibitive at the moment.

We are also busy trying to find music to accompany the project, and it is proving slightly harder than originally anticipated, as we need to be sure that the music fits the story and the footage that we have put together. No doubt we will get there but it is something that is definitely proving challenging at the present time.

If there are any up and coming artists who feel they may have something that may suit the project and this would be a good vehicle for them to gain exposure, then tell them to contact us.


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