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The Black Lords of Summer

By Ashley Mallett. This book is written to commemorate the 1868 Aboriginal Cricket Tour of England. It is set in a time long ago when the attitudes were extremely different to today, and life was very different. However once again we witness how the good nature of the Aboriginal people was abused for other people’s […]

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Books: Kayang & Me

By Kim Scott and Hazel Brown This was another book that was recommended to me to read, this time thank you to Tony. First of all let me say how well written it is by Kim Scott, when “Kayang” Hazel speaks it was as if she was there sitting in the same room telling you […]

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Books: Taboo – Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports…

…and Why We’re Afraid To Talk About It By Jon Entine When it was decided that we would proceed with this project this book was recommended as a must read. (Thanks Carl) It is a fascinating read of that there is no doubt; however I must admit when it started delving into the scientific side […]

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Books: Matilda

I started reading this seriously academic book as part of preparation for this doco and got as far as the foreward. I found the combination of a full time job, pedantic-need-to-keep-house-clean attitude, and ad hoc jobs for this doco just a little too much for my brain to cope with so I tried a little […]

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Books: Soccer, Women, Sexual Liberation – Kicking off a New Era

By Fan Hong & J.A. Mangan This book is a study into the growth of Women’s Football from a number of writers around the world. Some of the essays are written in an almost text book style while others are truly engaging, all are however interesting. It is fascinating to read how and why men […]

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