Bring on Brazil!

News that the opening match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 set new records in TV viewing is great news for the women’s game. In Germany, an average of 14.1 million viewers tuned in for the host nation’s opening match. Which represents nearly 20 percent of the German population.

There is no doubt that Football Fever has now hit Germany with the tournament under way.

One hates to criticize as sometimes it can be any easy option, but the German efficiency that the outside world has come to expect appears to be lacking in certain areas. The volunteers are all very polite and very keen to assist you wherever possible, but regrettably a lot of them appear to have only been briefed on their roles and not how they tie into the big picture. This has resulted in a lot of confusion amongst many of the media and some fans.

We suffered this yesterday on several counts but the most frustrating was heading out to the stadium for tonight’s game three times before being able to collect what we were after, because we had been given wrong information. As we said though the staff are very apologetic and do all they can to help and one can’t fault them if they have not been told.

Overall we had a great day yesterday filming scene-setting shots in Monchengladbach. Mind you our GPS does seem to like to take us the long way around, and frequently told us we were “Off Road.” I know my driving has been criticized but I have yet to go off road!

We were gratefully given an interview with coach Tom Sermanni after he announced the team to the squad. He has gone for a very young starting line up which may be a bold move, but if it obtains an early goal is a very smart move as he can resort to experience from the bench late on.

At the hotel all the girls’ families were arriving and it was great to catch up with Lydia’s mum and Kyah’s family again. It was nice that they made us so welcome as we are desperate not to impinge too much on their time, but obviously need their support and input to make this film work.

In the evening the girls went to the stadium to check it out and we managed to get some good footage even though our accreditation would not allow us pitch side. As luck would have it as we arrived the Brazilians were leaving so we managed to get some footage of Marta which could come in handy as her and Kyah – two players tipped over here to be the stars of the tournament – go head to head.

Today is game day! The girls were really pumped yesterday and there is no doubt that this is a team that has a great belief in itself. Don’t be surprised if they beat Brazil.

We have another busy day ahead of us, and are looking forward to it.

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