Books: The Law of the Land

The Law of the Land
by Henry Reynolds

This book was bought for me by my father after I had stayed in an aboriginal community in the Kimberley.

The back sleeve says that it is “readable and dramatic.” There were however times where it is incredibly in-depth like a university thesis. It is however an unbelievable read. As a European who moved to Australia in the ‘80’s I found it absolutely appalling what the British did to claim this land, and while reading the book was ashamed of my British roots. It truly is disgraceful how the land was stolen from its rightful owners. I try to pass it off as that was then and we would never let that happen today, but wouldn’t we? I am not so sure that a blind eye would be turned and the facts reported in such a way that we would all go along with it as being for the best.

I am not sure that this book will contribute much to the story we plan to tell in “No Apologies,” but it had a profound effect on me as a European immigrant living in Australia

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