Books: Soccer, Women, Sexual Liberation – Kicking off a New Era

By Fan Hong & J.A. Mangan

This book is a study into the growth of Women’s Football from a number of writers around the world. Some of the essays are written in an almost text book style while others are truly engaging, all are however interesting.

It is fascinating to read how and why men the world over were so against women playing football, the arguments seeming totally ludicrous, however none mention the women’s liberation movement taking place from the seventies on and how subconsciously this may well have played a part.

The excuses the world over are so similar, from the game being too masculine for girls and too dangerous, to women not being allowed to play on religious grounds and in Africa because it could affect their fertility, yet women have overcome these arguments and the game has shown it has a place in Women’s sporting activities.

The reaction to Brazilian women is an interesting one, when they won they were great, when they lost they should not be playing as they embarrassed the country. Oh, and they expected the women to be good looking as well as good athletes!

How pleasing must it be for those who fought against the naysayers to see the
Chinese Women’s team used as an example to their male counterparts.

An interesting and informative read on the evolution of the women’s game. Take a bow all those women who pioneered the game in their countries, this book makes you appreciate their efforts.

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