Books: Blackfellas Whitefellas

By Gilliam Cowlishaw

When we started this blog I rather ambitiously proclaimed that I would definitely do more pre-reading for this trip. With less than two weeks to go before I board the plane to Germany I somehow don’t think I will be able to catch up on the amount of reading Ashley has already done – Colouring Over the White Line, Pitch Invaders, Horizon is Where Heaven and earth Meet, The True Story of an Aboriginal Cricketing Legend, The Law of the Land, Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales, Soccer, Women, Sexual Liberation – Kicking off a New Era and Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports…That’s eight books to er my one.

I started off on my reading quest with a book called “Blackfellas Whitefellas and the hidden injuries of race”. This book was a local look in at the racial issues in a town in regional Australia. It seemed promising on the cover and I was really excited to read it. Author Gillian Cowlishaw’s writing style however turned out to be a little too academic for me. I bravely tried to read it when I had a spare moment like on the short commute from the home to the office. I often wondered if fellow commuters on the train thought if I was actually reading as I found myself reading the same paragraph over and over which would have looked like I was just staring at the same spot on the page.

I thought I would read the first chapter and make a call from there if I should continue reading it. Alas I only managed to finish the foreward before abandoning this book. I may be missing out on some serious Australian social history by not reading this book but in the meantime, I did read one book in preparation for the documentary: Matilda by Roald Dahl.

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