Books: Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales

Aboriginal Fables and Legendary Tales
Compiled by A.W. Reid

I grew up in England where I had read to me and read Grimm’s Fairytales and Aesop’s Fables, these were part of every child’s reading, but maybe I am showing my age, by admitting that.

To me this book should be a child’s staple in Australia. Some of the tales are  a little gruesome but so too were the stories I grew up with, and usually there is a lesson attached that if you do bad things bad things happen  to you; As is the case in this book.

Some of the stories are truly wonderful, and they have a huge relevance as they are all about Australia, and the people and the animals that inhabit our land. They are stories that children will lap up as they would stimulate their imagination.

I chose this book to read in the hope that one tale may make a great parallel story to something that happens or has happened to Lydia or Kyah. I am not sure that from that perspective I got what I was after but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and if I have children I will be reading these tales to them.

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