Auf wiedersehen Germany

The weather has closed the loop on our trip here to Germany by returning to being drizzly, cold and wet as we leave Germany for our respective homes and countries. Looking back the weather appears to have mirrored the Matildas performance and the rain is almost symbolic of the tears countless fans (including us) have shed at their departure in the tournament.

In the beginning at the Gottingen camp the team were focused and training hard – the weather helped by not distracting the girls with any summer sunshine. Their cool determination against England in the closed door friendly was not too dissimilar to the icy wind that blew through the Wolfsburg stadium. However, as the tournament progressed from Monchengladbach, Bochum to Leverkusen the weather warmed up alongside the Matildas game on the park. When the final whistle blew to signal their loss to Sweden in Augsburg the silence of the crowd only seemed to usher in the return of the rain clouds and the drop of the temperature.

Chris our cameraman is only a few hours away now from his home in Cape Town having left yesterday afternoon. Ashley is probably getting cosy in his easyjet seat back to the UK to see his family and I am getting ready to leave for to Perth via Dubai on Emirates.

This has been my second visit to Germany and the common denominator has been football. The last time was for the 2005 Confederations Cup and now for the 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup. I’ve seen a fair bit of this wonderful country. Had plenty of beer and wursts of all sorts but what I think I will miss the most are the people and their insane passion for the world game. Watching the kids of St Tonis take on the kids from Borussia Monchengladbach I could see why they love their football as even at that junior level it is played with skill and a love for the game.

Our trip would not have been possible if it were not for the generosity of our sponsors. A special thanks has to go to Michael Jahnsen from our German sponsors Jannsen and Maluga legal. He has been our go to person here in Germany from helping us drive our car out of the craziest parking bay ever to treating us to dinner at Villa Medici to helping us print out tickets and film schedules and more.We managed to take a snap of him at one of the games as he waved to the cameras and appeared on the big screen proudly wearing green and gold. Michael – a big “danke” from all of us at No Apologies. We’ll miss your warm spirit and wicked sense of humour!

Germany, well time has come to say auf wiedersehen too.



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2 Responses to Auf wiedersehen Germany

  1. Aubrey July 14, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    So just a few closing scenes to grab and then I guess it’s 100s of hours in the editing suite – can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Ashley July 15, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

      Thanks Aubrey, you are right. A couple of scenes to shoot when I get back and then we start the edit, although I am already starting on this. I hope we do the girls justice!

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