The project

The Story

This is quite simply a story about two Australian Aboriginal girls who make it to the 2011 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

One learnt her A’s and B’s in the back of the family van as they travelled across the outback, the other attended a private school. One is a goal keeper and the other is a striker.

We hope to weave this dichotomy of tales into our story and find out more about how they made it onto the biggest football stage there is, the World Cup.

The Filming

We intend on producing a full length documentary following a journalistic approach of ongoing discovery. What that means is that there is only so much we know now (that can be filmed) but we feel that we will find out so much more (and want to film hat too).

Ashley is the producer of this project and our lead camera is Chris with Quie Ying filling in as camera two and general dogs body on the project. Find out more about the crew.

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